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As far as you can

7 lakes tour (2707 m)

8 - 9 h hiking tour
Guided hiking tout at the foot of the Stubai Alps with  Heini Kruselburger and the alpine  Hans. The tour will take place on Wednesdays during the summer only in case of good weather. It is necessary to sign up the day before.
This beautiful and unique escursion starts directly from the Schneeberg hotel aiming to the heart of the Stubai Alps, providing the participants with an astonishing panorama. The participants need to be sure-footed and in good shape, as well as wearing a suitable  mountain equipment (trekking shoes, warm clothes, raincoat…).

To the "Zunderspitze" (2445 m)

5-6 h circular tour
Nice tour with wonderful views upon the glaciers and the surrounding valleys.

It starts from Ried, from where you will follow the forest path n. 29 till the mountain hut “Zunderspitze” (lit. Tinder Peak, 1.950 m - 2 h). Participants need to be sure-footed! After taking a break you may walk on to the mountain hut “Gewingesalm” (2.050 m - 1,5 h), then follow the marked path till the Peak. Be careful! Once reached the peak the gorgeous sigh twill make all the way worth it. For the return you need to get back to the mountain hut “Gewingesalm”, from there down to the alpine pasture “Martalm” (40-60 min) and take the forest path to Ridnaun.

Gospeneid (1455 m)

4-5 h circular tour
Easy tour at middle heights in Jaufen Valley

Let’s start from the village Mittertal in the Jaufen Valley, following the sled path in direction Seilerberg. Keep the left, towards the west, heading to the alpine farmhouses of Gospeneid. Once reached Rust follow a narrow path to Rust. From there, take to the descending road, at the crossroads keep straight ahead and then on a narrow path directing Vipiteno/Sterzing. Be careful at the next crossroads: turn left and after the bridge turn left again. Continue on a dirt road that leads to the centre of Gospeneid /Gasteig. (973 m). Just near the “Platzl” bar you may find the panoramic route that takes  to the Jaufen Valley to reach the starting point.

Mareiter Stein (2192 m)

Up 3½ h, down 2½ - 3 h
Steiler aber kurzer Aufstieg zum Gipfelplateau. Der Abstieg kann auf 2 verschiedenen Routen erfolgen.

The rise to the plateau is short but steep. Starting from Pardaun, first follow the wide path n. 25 that becomes narrower when getting closer to the forest. Afterwards take the steep path till you reach the peak. Above the woods level you can enjoy a beautiful sightseeing and continue on a wider path on the grass. Overcome the colourful flower field you rise up to the peak cross. After a short break you may choose between 2 different paths to return: just getting back from where you came or following the path n. 14 that turns left just below the cross. This path becomes a winding road and takes to the Ratschings Valley, ending at the parking places of ski pistes.
Did you become interested in these excursions? Then come to our hotel in the Ridnaun Valley. You may find some offers or packages dedicated to hiking lovers among our summer special offers.

Agelsbodenalm Mountain Pasture (1720 m)

Easy walk of 1.5 – 2 hours walking time
Summer walks to the Agelsbodenalm mountain pasture and the Burkhardklamm

Our set-off point is the Hotel Schneeberg. To get to the pasture, we take the road which goes through the small neighbouring village of Gesennen, directly opposite the entrance to the hotel. After Gesennen, we arrive at the forest road and follow the signposts from there. A walk of around 40 minutes takes us to the Burkhardklamm and from there straight on to the Agelsbodenalm mountain pasture.

Stadlalm Mountain Pasture (1630 m)

Easy walk of 1 hour walking time
Beautiful walk with an impressive view of the old mountain mine.

The Stadlalm is open practically year-round. Our starting point is the Ridnaun Mountain Mining Museum, about a 15 minute walk from the hotel, where we find a small wooden bridge. From there, we take a left and follow the road straight to the Stadlalm pasture. In winter, this road is also used as a sledging slope.

Martalm (1897 m)

Beautiful walk of around 1.5 – 2 hours walking time
Suitable for families with a wonderful view of the Hotel Schneeberg.

The set-off point for this walk is our hotel. For the first stage, we walk along the normal road, behind the hotel, for about an hour until we get to the last “Bergl” mountain farm, a look-out point with a wonderful view over the whole of the Ridnaun Valley. From there, another half hour’s walk sees us to the outstandingly family-friendly Martalm. This walk is buggy-friendly.

Becherhouse (3195 m)

Long hike of 6 – 7 hours walking time
High-Alp tour to the highest mountain hut in South Tyrol.

First we walk up to the Agelsboden (see Agelsbodenalm). From there, we follow the steep walking path to the Grohmannhütte mountain hut and then steeply upwards until we get to the Teplitzerhütte hut. From there, we work our way over rocky ground until we get to the area of the Übeltalsee. On partially-roped paths we then traverse the glacier and follow a small rocky path to the Becherhaus, with 70 sleeping spaces.

Wetterspitz (2706 m)

Demanding walk of 3.5 – 4 hours walking time
Tour of the Wetterspitz for enthusiastic hill walkers with a lot of stamina.

The tour starts at our Hotel Schneeberg. We walk through the small village of Gesennen on the left bank of the river. There, we follow the signposts to the edge of the wood and walk onwards until we get to the Maurerscharte ridge. We then walk up the ridge to the peak.

Ridnaun High Altitude Trail

Circular walking route of 5 – 6.5 hours walking time
Walk in safe, good weather from the “Rosskopf” in Sterzing straight to the hotel.

The set-off point is the “Rosskopf” gondola in Sterzing. From the mountain station, we set off south-westwards on the path to the Ochsenalm. The steep road leads on under the Telfer Weißen, and we take the small path onwards to the Prischeralm hut, open in summer. From there, a forest road takes us straight to the main entrance of the Hotel Schneeberg. Sure-footedness is a must on this walk.