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Fitness centre with moutnain view

Hotel Schneeberg fitness centre has been renovated in December 2014. It is now equipped with modern cardio-fitness and training gear. A wide glass wall makes of the gym a  bright environment and provides the users a wonderful view on the Ridnaun Valley mountains. It includes the newest equipment from the brand PANATTA. Moreover, there is also at your disposal a multi-functional room to play different sports and a boulder room.

Gym equipment

You may train your muscles and boost your endurance with the following equipment:

  • Lat Pulldown Machine
  • Pulley Row Machine
  • Peck Beck Machine
  • Deltoid Press Convergen I.L.S. Machine
  • Upper Abdominal Machine

Weigh-lifting area

The weigh lifting area includes 3 long barbells with fitting weighs up to 160 kg, an EZ barbell and 2 short barbells form 2 to 20 kg.

Cardio area

The cardio area includes an Ergovision Airmachine stepper, a stationary bike, 2 treadmills, a spinning bike and a cross trainer.