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Wellness for children

Children’s wellness treatments at the Schneeberg Family Resort & Spa – your kids deserve it too!

Princess Schneeberg

Chocolate massage, very light make-up or nail polish.

Price: 30,00 € for 20 min.

Prince Schneeberg

Massage with chocolate oil and hairstyling.

Price: 30,00 € for 20 min.

Mother and daughter/son

Perfumed foam bath followed by the sublime indulgence of our coconut oil. You’re going to love it

Price: 58,00 € for 45 min.

Wellness treatments for teenager

Age 12-15 years

Teen face treatment

A facial treatment specifically developed for young skins, ideal for impure or irritated ones.

Price: 58,00 € for 50 min.

Teen beauty massage

Peeling performed with a massage glove followed by a relaxing chocolate scented massage. 

Price: 56,00 € for 50 min.