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Ridnaun Valley

Museums and churches

There is a say in South Tyrol: “happiness dwells where there is faith”. Well preserved churches and chapels in the valleys and the villages are a proof of the strong Christian faith. In the surrounding area of the Schneeberg hotel in Ridnaun there are 3 very particular churches that are worth a visit. In the year 1764 the architect Rupert Röck lead the construction of the parish church St. Joseph. The Rococo style and the precious ornaments and stucco make of this church something valuable and striking. But also the St. Lorenz church and St. Magdalena chapel, which have a nice location, near “Gasse”, may be proud of their rich histories and will welcome you in a peaceful atmosphere.

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South Tyrol Mining Museum in Maiern

The Schneeberg Mining Museum has been one of the highest mines in Europe. For about a thousand years lots of miners used to extract precious minerals such as silver, lead and zinc. The mine has been permanently closed in 1985 and nowadays, open as a museum, offers the opportunity to look closer to the world of minerals extraction from the past to the present days. Let’s explore the past to learn for the future!

South Tyrol Museum of Hunt and Fishing

The Museum is hosted inside the castle Wolfsthurn in Mareit, in the Ridnaun Valley. The exhibition is nicely set up and offers historical-cultural information about the local game, hunt and fishing. There is also a children-dedicated section, with the aim of transmitting knowledge about the animals calls and paw prints, about  the deer horns and the bear lair by playing.