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Ridnaun Valley

Brenner base tunnel

The Brenner base tunnel (BBT) will start a future-oriented railway through the Alps. The BBT will be the core of the new Brenner connection between Munich and Verona.
The 64 km tunnel is a 21th century pioneering piece of engineering and it will improve the viability of public and freight transport in the heart of Europe.
Take the chance to know better the Brenner Base Tunnel and book your guided tour directly in hotel.
The Fortezza/Franzensfeste info point is located about 30 km from our hotel (ca. 30 min by car). The guided tour has a duration of about 2 hours and takes place on Fridays. The project will be described; afterwards the visitors will receive a proper safety equipment and enter the gallery.

You should know

  • The minimum age to attend the tour is 14, the maximum is 75.
  • The tour will only take place with at least 8 participants, to a maximum of 32. 
  • The price is 8 € for adults, 5 € for students and seniors.