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Classic massages

Wellbeing massage

Leave the everyday routine aside and enter this relaxing world. Enjoy a massage that stimulates your circulation and choose your own fragrance for this experience. You will also get a free massage glove as gift.

Price: 67,00 € for 50 min.

Combi-massage (foot reflex and back massage)

It helps to loosen blocks and tensions and to activate the body’s self-healing energy.

Price: 65,00 € for 45 min.

Head and nape massage

Nice and relaxing massage to nape and scalp, particularly recommended in case of contractures in the cervical zone or in case of headache and migraine.

Price: 36,00 € for 20 min.  

Partial massage (Back or legs)

Classic massage to loosen the tense muscles of back or legs.

Price: 36,00 € for 20 min.

Full body drainage massage

This massage will be performed with light pressure and manipulation. It stimulates the lymphatic circulation, the elimination of toxins and water retention.

Price: 67,00 € for 50 min.