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Soothing baths & packs

Body peeling followed by a body pack

This peeling will smoothen the body’s rough areas, while the pack will gently caress you skin with new sensations.

Price: 59,00 € for 50 min.

Our baths

Immerse yourselves...

Ridnaun Valley alpine herbs bath

A select blend of herbs is added to this bath, which is highly recommended for aching limbs, back pain and sore muscles. Exceptionally relaxing after sporting activity, this treatment also improves blood flow and stimulates the circulation..

South Tyrolean bath with goat butter cream

This nourishing bath with goat-milk butter hydrates dry skin for a silky, glowing radiance. 

Price for 1 person: 36,00 € for 25 min.
Price for 2 persons: 44,00 € for 25 min.

Body packs on a water bed

Experience the lightness of lying on a water bed, it will lift you up to the clouds.

Evening Primrose oil pack

This pack has high hydrating action, for a velvety soft skin. Recommended for sensitive skin, it also has very good benefits on dermatitis or psoriasis.

Hay bath

The essential oils of hay release their powers; this sweat-bath purifies and cleanses the skin, leaving you feeling soothed and relaxed. Ideal for tense muscles and rheumatic pain.

Price: 36,00 € for 25 min.

Healthy and fit

Anti-cellulitis treatments with deep action!

Healthy and toxin-free tissues: algae pack followed by a legs drainage massage

A depurative algae pack that re-activates and improves the tissues micro-circulation. The drainage that follows frees from the toxins and gives a  feeling of lightness. Particularly indicated also in case of varicose veins and capillaries.

Price: 69,00 € for 50 min.

Toning cellulite treatmen

A full-body brush massage and the application of a toning cream form the basis of this treatment, which stimulates the circulation and detoxifies and tones the tissue.

Price: 69,00 € for 50 min.