Spring time - time to detox

No more time on the couch, the sunny days invite us to awake from a winter sleep made of pajamas and not too healthy food. Physical and psychological stress, refined flours, too many animal fats, toxins, alcohol and smoke are the worst enemy of our skin. We feel heavy, apparently with no reason why. To welcome the beautiful season with full energy it is necessary to purify the whole body. How? Following a detox strategy combined with good rest and SPA treatments. Kind of a spring clean. And if you think about it: what is the point in having a perfectly tidy house if our bodies are heavy with toxins and exceeding liquids? To detox means to adopt behaviors and expedients in order to improve health and beauty. During the winter, the skin is less bright, so before exposing it to the sun it is necessary to renew it, oxygenate it and eliminate the dead cells. Take your time for long walks (at least 30 min), a lot of water and sugar-free infusions (more or less 2 l per day), sauna sessions and specific treatments such as the “detox and toning treatment” at the Schneeberg: a combination of a brush massage (to reactivate the circulation of the whole body) and an algae pack. Algae stimulate the lymphatic system and help to remove the toxins so that the tissues can easily regenerate. To prolong the effect of the treatment, a toning cream with sea algae extract will give you the pleasant sensation of a pure a new skin.

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