Skin care in autumn

Amanda, beautician at the Schneeberg Resort reveals some personal advices to face the season change.

While in summer we tend to prefer light hydrating products, in autumn and winter our skin needs more moisture because of the cold and the dry air of the heating.
The continuous temperature changes can make the skin dry, tense, itchy and even painful in the worst cases. It is therefore necessary to choose a richer moisturizer, because hydration is what every skin type needs most. Basically, the higher the hydration level, the more the skin will look radiant, fresh and young. People tend to think that high summer temperatures may dehydrate the skin, but actually the cold can strike very hard. In autumn our skin gets more sensitive and gets easily irritated, therefore the facial needs to be more delicate and balanced. After the facial cleansing I never forget my favourite skin products: the ultra-intensive serum and the daily moisturizer by Vitalis-Team Dr. Joseph, a natural cosmetics producer with South Tyrol bio-certification. The active complex of vegetal origin provides an intense hydration, reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier and its defenses against the external aggressions. It would be recommended to undergo a professional treatment on regular basis: believe me, it really makes a difference! In particular, my suggestion would be our “intensive lifting biodynamic facial”: a super intense beauty treatment, including a skin diagnostic, eyebrow correction, lymphatic drainage, massage with warm herbal bags, cleansing and deep peeling, ultra-intense serum, mask and daily treatment. An experience for your senses to try at your next stay.

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