SAUNA INFUSION: Treat your mind and body to moments of pure relaxation

The original idea of ​​sauna infusion comes from the need to replace the air inside the sauna every hour or so by opening the doors. Called ´´Gluthauch´´ in Finland, this word describes the feeling that you feel when you brew very well: for many visitors, infusion has became an integral part of many wellness areas. The ritual involves pouring water mixed with essential oils onto the hot stones of the Finnish sauna stove, after which the Aufgussmeister directs the hot, scented steam towards the bathers using rhythmical movements of a towel and sometimes dance, accompanied by music.
There is increasing evidence that using a sauna regularly may bring about a number of health benefits: increased circulation, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, help with weight loss, flush toxins from your body, it relieves stress. Daniel, an Aufgussmeister in the Hotel Resort Schneeberg says: ´´The infusion is always good for the health, whatever is relaxing or stimulating. Our guests will sweat, but also their five senses will be stimulated but the temperature, the smell, the music. People have really started understanding the good effects of sauna, and of sweating with infusions, and that sauna is about more than just getting warm” he said.
It’s difficult to convey the intensity of Aufguss. It’s multi-sensorial—the combination of lights and sound, the heady aroma of essential oils, the blasts of hot air and, of course, all that sweating, stimulate feelings that are at turns cathartic, meditative, invigorated, sensual and joyful, sometimes all at once.

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