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Interview with the spa manager Spa Miriam Heidegger
Miriam Heidegger, spa manager at the Schneeberg Resort, talks about wellbeing, about the guests’ favourite treatment and of what is so special about a wellness day.

Ms Heidegger, where do you pay particular attention when it comes to make up a treatment?
A concrete advising process with our guests is very important: a lot of empathy is required to find the right treatment for one’s needs.

What is the most beloved treatment among your guests?
One of the most requested treatments is a package called “back pain, bye bye”. This back treatment is done in 50 relaxing minutes and is focused on loosing the back muscles. It starts with a pack containing hickory pine, a plant renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties and for stimulating the circulation. The pack is done on a water bed that gives the feeling of fluctuating, bringing a marvelous relaxing sensation. The following process is a deep massage, from the lumbar region to the shoulders, to the neck and the nape. Wonderfully relaxing, believe me.

In order to get the maximum effect of it, what is the best way to prepare oneself before a treatment?
To maximize the benefits I would recommend a sauna or some time in an infrared cabin: these procedures allow body and mind to enter in a relaxing mood. It is also very important to take the right time for the treatment by coming to the appointment about 10 minutes earlier, so that one can have a cup of tea or simply getting ready for a special moment. This suggestion can also be applied after the treatment: lying on the bed and enjoying the relaxing time can prolong the benefits.

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