Autumn, season of wellbeing: when days grow shorter, the need of wellbeing grows larger.

To fight the autumnal weakness and detox the organism you just need one weekend.

Feeling nervous, exhausted, weak, hard to concentrate, suffering of head aches, disturbed sleep and mood swing: these are some symptoms that a mountain holiday may prevent and cure in a natural way, allowing you to face winter with full energy. Our brain reacts to lesser light by secreting melatonin, a hormone which regulates the sleep wake cycle, and the immune system is low. November and December are therefore the perfect months to give ourselves some extra luxury: at the Schneeberg hotel, you spend the day in the open air to get your fill of oxygen and vitamin D; at sunset it is time to enter the SPA. After taking a dive in the pool, nothing is better than the Schneeberg ritual, an exclusive ritual, conceived to adapt to our guests’ needs. The ritual opens with a footbath, then comes a body peeling performed with a glove and a mix of massaging techniques combined with hot stones and other massaging methods such as cupping: this mix helps to relax and to detoxify the skin tissues. Complementary to this ritual we may suggest an evening primrose oil pack that deeply hydrates your skin and makes it soft. This treatment is suitable for every skin type, especially for the sensitive ones, excellent in cases of atopic dermatitis or psoriasis. This way it is really possible to get back to the city full of energy and good mood.

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