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At first it was only for a few hours per week, then it turned into a full-time job. Sofia Braunhofer has dealt with bookkeeping since 1988 and has seen with her own eyes all hotel’s changes and growths. To the question “what is so fascinating about your job?” her answer has no hesitation: “You might have passed me by hundreds of times without noticing me, yet I keep an eye on everything. I want everything to be perfect, I love dealing with bookkeeping and administration! While my colleagues make great effort to please our guests, to ask for their preferences and fulfilling their requests, I work from behind to make everything working well. Over 30 years ago, when Hans Kruselburger asked me to deal with take care of the accounting, there was much less work to do and I was able to do it alone. It was exciting to see the hotel growing so big and beautiful. Moreover, I live nearby and I always dreamt of a job in my valley, just another reason why I like so much working here. My day usually starts by checking e-mails and payments and ends with a general check. I would never trade my job for any other in the world!”

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