Tips for travelling with kids. “Are we nearly there yet?”

Long car journeys can get hard going if the kids are complaining in the back seat.

Long car journeys can get hard going if the kids are complaining in the back seat. If your journey is going to be more than a few hours, it gets a bit boring, even for kids who like being in the car. To make sure that your kids don’t moan and groan all the way because they’re hungry, thirsty, tired and irritable and, above all, bored, you need to plan your journey carefully. We’ve put together a few tips for you to make sure your holiday gets off to a relaxing start.
You’ll be doing yourselves and your family a big favour if you manage to avoid heavy traffic. That’s why here at the Schneeberg Family Resort & Spa we have a variety of offers available from Thursday to Sunday (3 nights) or from Sunday to Thursday (4 nights) from €245 per person. This means you can avoid the weekend traffic and save money too. If you can’t avoid travelling at the weekend, look up child-friendly rest-stops along your route and prepare a little surprise bag for your children to give them a treat every 20 or 50 kilometres (depending on the length of your journey). Tablets are a great way to watch new or saved films. It doesn’t hurt to pack a few healthy snacks, e.g. sliced pepper, carrots, nuts and fruit. You could also pack some wipe-off marker pens so the kids can while away their time scribbling on the windows. We like to bring along a few rags and hankies to free up space on the “canvas”: This game should keep them occupied for a good while. The surprise effect is the key to success here too. The kids mustn’t know what you’ve packed beforehand. And if they still keep complaining and are wearing your nerves to shreds, don’t worry too much: As soon as you get here, we’ll give you a spa voucher worth over 20 euros… Have a good trip!

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