The Vipiteno yoghurt days

The summer’s most traditional culinary event

Growing fruit or lush vineyards never suited the harsh climate reigning on the Brennero, so the valley’s farmers had to specialise in dairy farming and animal rearing to make a living. And so it was that 1884 represented the foundations of an industry focused on producing and selling locally sourced, high-quality milk. Since then, the Vipiteno dairy farm has been producing locally sourced mountain milk, and in 1963 it started producing a delicious, natural and now an internationally well-known yoghurt. The company concluded that it was high time to bring the numerous and return guests of the valley closer to the local produce, the area itself and the locals who produce the yoghurt. How? By organising a party, of course! For nearly 2 decades this unique event uniting agriculture and tourism takes place every year during the ‘Vipiteno Yoghurt’ days. The festive kick-off takes place on 7 July from 6 p.m. in Vipiteno’s main square and features cooking shows with chefs from the ‘So kocht Südtirol’ (This is how South Tyrol cooks) TV show. All in all, a good two weeks of interesting events including tours to the Vipiteno dairy farms, the meadow celebration on 8 July, the dairy farms’ ‘long nights’, hands-on experience on a farm, a hike to discover herbs for children, giving them a glimpse of the magic of mountain herbs as well as many other highlights. The grand finale will take place on 15 July 2018 with the family party at the Furtalm hut.

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