Snow sledge, what a fun!

Perfect for every age and in close contact with nature. And everyone feels child again…

To go down a snow slope with the sledge is the purest and most cheerful fun, even the grown-ups feel children again. It is true the it is more a sport for children, however, most of times even the adults feel like to try this hobby which is very popular here in South Tyrol.
Kids and grown-ups alike can have fun going sledding, especially if there are some ski-lifts which allow to spare some fatigue of hill-climbing.
You may also have a stop for a tasty snack in the mountain huts and then downhill again, fast as the wind. There are 7 natural slopes nearby the Ridnaun Valley, amongst them the slope which goes down from the mountain hut Stadl, not far from the Schneeberg hotel.
Starting from the mining museum you reach the Stadl hut in about 45 min, after a quick stop and maybe some tasty local dishes you can go down the 1,5 m natural slope very easily.
Another slope would be in Ratschings: you can hire the sledges at the valley floor station and go up to 1850 m by the 8-seats cable car.
For and unforgettable evening, try the night sledding on Rosskopf, the ski facility near the city of Sterzing/Vipiteno: the almost 10 km long slope is lit until midnight on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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