Must-haves in a first aid kit. Medicine you need to pack

Unfortunately, children sometimes get sick on vacation.

Unfortunately, children sometimes get sick on vacation. A first-aid kit should contain everything you need for initial treatment. All your child’s permanent medication is absolutely fundamental. You’ll also need something for minor irritations: a thermometer, glycerine suppositories, medication to cool a temperature, flu, earache, toothache, eyewash, probiotics, creams for bruises and insect bites, bandages and plasters, and a good sunscreen (even in winter - snow reflects the sun!) are all handy to have. Pack well, and in good time, and check the expiry date of all provisions before you leave and don’t forget to bring your health prescriptions and insurance documents. Travel sickness pills are always handy to keep in your bag, as is disinfectant, always useful after a stop en-route. Talk to your doctor too, he will be able to advise you best. If you forget something, remember the following tips: vinegar, onion, cucumber, quark and shaving foam can treat a whole range of holiday ailments. Lemon and/or potato are also wonderful way to relieve a headache. Slice them up and bandage them onto the temples with a cloth. A massage with arnica oil, a potent anti-inflammatory, is a wonderful way to ease cramps. To cool a fever, vinegarstockings (important: only with warm feet!) are helpful: one part of vinegar to four parts of room-temperature water, dip cotton knee-length socks, wring out slightly and put on. If you have a slight pain in your ears, use an onion bag: chop the onion finely, beat in a tissue and place on an aching ear for about 30 minutes. Don’t forget to bring along your child's favourite cuddly toy or teddy bear to ease the transition to a strange environment.

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