In the Empire of Water - the Gilfenklamm

The Gilfenklamm opened once again on 1st May. Venture out onto the bridges over the rocky gullies and enjoy the spectacular view of the thundering waters.

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So many powers are attributed to water, elixir of life. The Gilfenklamm gully in Ratschings, considered to be one of the most beautiful in the Alpine region, shows us how the power of water has carved out its path over millions of years with its incredible strength. In Stange, Ratschings, you can follow the trail along the Jaufen river to the gully, which was opened in 1896, along secured trails. Steep steps and narrow bridges lead you to the heart of the gully, where a breathtaking natural show awaits. Enjoy the spectacle of the thundering waters and the marble, which in some places is white as snow and in others reflects the greens of its surroundings. You can admire this primal force of nature from May to November.


Entrance: Stange (Ratschings)
Exit: Jaufensteg
Length: around 2.5 km
Walking time: around 1 hour (there), 45 Minutes (back)
Elevation difference: 175 m
Entrance fee: Adults 4€, Children 2€

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