Childcare on a family vacation...

Entertainment for the kids. The cherry on the top of a fabulous holiday!

Holidaying with the family: it takes oodles of organisational talent - and a strong constitution to boot.
Even the little things like a cuddly toy forgotten at home can ruin the start to the best weeks of the year. A demanding challenge indeed - but it’s not impossible. The main thing is to not lose track of the fun-factor and the importance of a truly great kids' club when planning your holiday. For over 35 years, the Schneeberg has revolved around family holidays, and is in a class of its own. Because if the children are well and happy and having fun ... the parents can relax to the full. With a clear conscience, and free of worry. And when the little pirates, treasure hunters or "Olympic Champs" are back home, there will be so much still to talk about. Yes, children's entertainment - games and activities at various times (including group meals) climbing, feeding animals and go-karting are all part of the perfect holiday, and are a tremendously exciting experience for children. Experience shows that these “kids’ highlights” add so much more to a family holiday that you simply wouldn’t want to do without them. It is outstanding entertainment for small guests with the most varying of demands. Romping around, playing, swimming in special children’s areas like the "Bergi-Land" at the Schneeberg ... pottering around with handcrafts and maybe having a sing-song if they feel so inclined - every day is a new experience. This is our blueprint for a variety-packed and relaxing stay - especially for the parents

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