Baroque- and late gothic splendor

history and culture of the beautiful castles Wolfsthurn, Sprechesntein and Reifenstein

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Just a few km south of Vipiteno/Sterzing two castles  dominate the plain from the opposite sides of the valley. One is Castle Sprechenstein/Pietra, in front of Castle Reifenstein/Tasso, both beautiful examples of medieval fortresses.
The latter has preserved a large part of its late-gothic furniture and is considered as one of the most fascinating castles in South Tyrol.
According to an old legend, there used to be a long war between the two castles and their lords decided to end it with a challenge by archery. The lords shot their arrows, each one from his castle, but the arrows met each other exactly at the border of their feuds, marking thus the peace.
On the hill of Mareit thrones the Castle Wolfsthurn, a baroque building which has always been property of the Sternbach family. The castle has 365 windows, 52 doors, 12 towers and chimneys and 4 gates: all these numbers are linked to the seasons, months and days of the years. Since 1996 it is also the location of the Provincial Museum for Hunt and Fishery.

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