Away from the masses, sorrounded by unspoilt nature:

with its 50 km of slopes the area of Ratschings is an authentic cross-country ski paradise.

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Smoothly, according to the classic technique, or more dynamic with the skating? Cross country ski is the right sport for those who love the open air, it is a healthy sport in close touch with nature. Moreover, it is lesser dangerous than tour ski and involves the whole body evenly. The Valley of Ridnaun and Ratschings are an authentic paradise for cross country ski lovers: they count up to 50 km of well prepared pistes, some of them you may reach directly from the Hotel Schneeberg. In the last years the Ridnaun Valley have been particularly appreciated on an international level, not to forget that the biathlon stadion allowed to organize important events. The cross country ski piste starts from Maiern, goes along the river Ferner until the village of Braunhofe and forms a ring. It is located on 1340 m above the sea level and there is always plenty of natural snow. The 12 km of the Ratschings Valley and the 16 km panoramic ring in Platschjoch are both classified as moderate difficulty. You may find an easier piste in Gasteig-Stange-Mareit, a 12 km ring which has a very fascinating and varied landscape. The 25 km long circular piste of Ridnaun has both easy and more difficult sections, immerged in a beautiful and sunny landscape. There are 2 rings for classical technique and one for the skating technique.

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