Autumn: The season for some me-time

How to get into top-form for the winter season

It’s like this: Spa treatments are nature’s way of making up for miserable weather. As soon as nature begins to hibernate, we humans also feel the need for peace and comfort. Body and soul are yearning for relaxation and security, and the skin needs an extra dose of TLC to make up for the “damage” of the summer and prepare for the cold. Pleasant temperatures are a part of golden autumn every bit as much as the woody, earthy, heady scents of the season.
At this time of year, nature offers us the fruits, flowers and hay which are used in beauty treatments and work their wonders on us. Take blackberries, for example…the little fruits come into their own as secret weapon against the ageing process: Their high level of antioxidants, nutrients and minerals protect us from the free radicals which age our skin. Grapes too: Chronically undervalued and verging on the boring? They are, however, a fountain of youth for our skin. Their polyphenols contained primarily in their seeds, and also in the pulp, are responsible for this marvellous effect. These plants store moisture, and plump up the skin from inside to out. Or how about an apricot-edelweiss combi? Two true beauty secrets: Try an apricot body exfoliation followed by a blackberry and edelweiss body pack. It will have sun-damaged skin feeling silky smooth and beautifully perfumed in just 50 minutes.

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