AMAZING ROUTES AND WONDERS: the mystical beauties of nature

Take your children by the hand and lead them to discover nature's little secrets, for example, why is water stronger than rock, they will discover by hiking. The beautiful walks in South Tyrol, particulary in Ridnauntal Valley, are advised to try. Mother Nature provided us with a natural playground where you can freely walk, run, ride a bike, or do some other outdoor activities.
The Gilfenklamm Gorge is a unique natural highlight only a stone’s throw from Vipiteno in the upper Valle Isarco valley. On an established 2.5 km long trail you can walk across this charming and breathtaking canyon with its waterfalls cascading into the depth. The path is safe and well equipped so that children can walk it without any danger.
The waterfalls of the Burkhard Gorge, less well known, but equally fascinating, can be reached easy from Hotel Schneeberg. Starting from the mining museum in Maiern, a marked hiking track leads through shady coniferous forests alongside the Fernerbach, a babbling glacial stream. The romantic, approximately one metre wide hiking trail winds through meadows and forests, past lush mossy expanses. Good footwear and a rain jacket are absolutely essential, in the summertime to.

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