Wolfgang Ambros Live 22/09/2018

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Unplugged and for your ears only. The concert will take place on September, 22nd in Mareit, near Sterzing/Vipiteno, for a max. 600 person audience.
Wolfgang Ambros has co-founded the Austro-pop, a music style very popular between the 70s and the 80s, sang in Viennese dialect. His first single is called “Da Hofa” and dates back in 1971 when he was very young.
The song immediately gained the first place in the Austrian hit-parades and kept the leadership for 8 weeks; it also had success in many other European countries. An intimate setting for a genuine and unique concert.

Tickets available at Tourist Info Ratschings: 0039 0472 760 608 or Tourist Info Sterzing/Vipiteno 0039 0472 765325.

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