Golf on Snow 2018

Green is white and white is red ... or green: winter tee-off on the frosty fairway

If the beauty of the turf no longer gives you the thrill of the past, there’s been another alternative for the past few years: Golfing in the snow. With the odd rare exception, checked shorts give way to padded ski trousers, and caddy cars are replaced with the sledges and skis of ski golfing. From 8 to 11.03.2018 and from 15 to 18.03.2018, Adi Hengstberger awaits you once more for Golf on Snow at the Hotel Schneeberg, now into its 8th edition. Snow golf is a variant of the traditional golf, and it gives the game a certain spice in the winter months. You don’t play on grass, but on snow and ice. The greens are known as “whites”, and have been iced over for the purpose. The balls, naturally, are green or red so you can spot them more easily, and the game takes a decidedly zesty turn when the winter landscape is snowed over. The brainchild of a golf tournament in winter, however, is not so new; author Rudyard Kipling tried it in Vermont in around 1900. However, the British writer was a great source of amusement at the time with his brightly coloured golf balls. In 1999, the first charity tournaments were held.The rules are somewhat laxer than normal due to the extreme weather conditions: Stroke distances are shorter than in summer, the rough consists of deep snow rather than high grass and you don’t need a handicap to play.

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