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Nordic walking of Ridnaun

It strengthens your body and re-activates your circulation

Nordic walking is one of  the most popular sport activities of the last years, and for good reasons. It is becoming quite popular among our guests, at the Schneeberg hotel, too. Doing Nordic walking strengthens your whole body, re-activates your circulation and does not put under stress your joints. Moreover it is one of the best sports to lose weight. Guests of the Schneeberg hotel of Ridnaun, South Tyrol are all satisfied – both the advanced athletes and the beginners who get in touch with this activity for the first time at the Schneeberg hotel. If you are interested we may organize your participation to a Nordic walking course. Skilled instructors will teach you how to use the poles, to perform the correct technique and accompany you in guided tours with their precious advices.
You will be surprised by the quick benefits of Nordic walking on your general wellbeing. Off we go! Directly from the hotel, through the marvelous mountain  landscape of South Tyrol, with a new lease of life!